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VGP is listed on Euronext Brussels and on the Prague Stock Exchange (ISIN: BE0003878957). VGP NV is a member of the FTSE EPRA Nareit Global Emerging Index.

Voting rights and denominator

The Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of 8 May 2020 approved the introduction of the double voting right. A double voting right is therefore granted to each VGP share that has been registered for at least two years without interruption under the name of the same shareholder in the register of shares in registered form, in accordance with the procedures detailed in article 29 of the Articles of Association. In accordance with Belgian law, dematerialised shares do not benefit from the double voting right.

In accordance with Articles 7:217 and 7:224 of the Code on companies and associations, voting rights attached to VGP shares held by the company itself or by its subsidiaries have been suspended.

VGP has not issued any other class of shares, such as non-voting or preferential shares.

In accordance with Article 15 of the law of 2 May 2007 regarding the publication of major shareholdings (“transparency law”) VGP must publish, its (i) total share capital, (ii) the total number of securities granting voting rights and (iii) the total number of voting rights, at the latest by the end of each month during which these numbers have increased or decreased.

This information allows VGP’s shareholders to check whether their shareholding has fallen below or risen above one of the total voting right thresholds of 5%, 10%, 15% … (and other multiples of 5) and whether they are therefore obliged to declare the crossing of a threshold. VGP has made use of the possibility offered by the “transparency law” to introduce in its articles of association a more restrictive threshold of three percent (3%) in addition to the thresholds with respect to the transparency obligations imposed by law.

For further information about transparency declaration obligations, refer to the provisions of the law and the royal decree of 14 February 2008 regarding the disclosure of major shareholdings.




Gross Dividend 2019 

Gross Amount (in EUR) Amount per share Payment date Type
€ 60,394,913 € 2.93 28 May 2020 FY2019 dividend

Dividend policy

VGP intends to pay a regular annual dividend in cash, based on the group net result. VGP targets an annual distribution between 40% and 60% of its net profit for the year based on its consolidated IFRS financial statements.  
The exact percentage will depend on the circumstances at the time, and in particular on developments as regards the growth plans and the resources available to finance them. 


Previous dividends 


Year Amount Amount per share
2018 € 40,882,710 € 2.20
2017 € 35,307,795 € 1.90
2016 € 20,069,694 € 1.08

Research Analysts


A number of research analysts monitor our company and issue opinions on our corporate performance. Any opinions, forecasts, or estimates published by analysts relating to VGP N.V. and its subsidiaries' performance do not represent the opinions, forecasts, or estimates of VGP N.V. or its management. 


Firm Name Telephone
KBC Wido Jongman +32 2 417 40 90
JPMorgan Tim Leckie +44 20 7134 4477
Kepler Cheuvreux Frederic Renard +32 11 49 14 63
Kempen Pieter Runneboom +31 20 348 8416
DeGroof Petercam Vivien Maquet +32 2 662 84 46

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