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A VGP Park can act as a catalyst for growth within the communities in which it operates. The Group's economic success is based on a strong relationship with its stakeholders: tenants, customers, investors, local communities, suppliers and contractors, as well as employees. These strong relationships are critical to develop and operate Parks meeting stakeholders' expectations in all respects.

In addition to being a contributor to urban planning for logistics and semi-industrial zones within cities, providing public facilities and developing technically advanced and sustainable buildings and well connected places, VGP plays a key role in the local ecosystem as an economic driver: offering direct employment through construction and operational spending, indirect employment by tenant's operations and network activities, supplier's activities and local taxes.

Community engagement program

For development projects, a community engagement program is typically setup at the start of the design phase in order to collect feedback from council, neighbours or other local stakeholders. When construction activities begin the aim is for neighbours to be informed about the anticipated project and provide contact details in case of questions. 

VGP Park Hrádek nad Nisou

A good example of a project completed in 2022 includes VGP Park Hrádek nad Nisou  which was developed taking into account a broad range of community initiatives and feedback. As a result, the park includes an underground transport and communication corridor under the I/35 road in order to reduce traffic congestion in the vicinity of the park, a 500-meter long pedestrian side walk from the park towards the town centre, LED public lighting along the road, a new sewage system as part of the support for local infrastructure, cultivation of the park surroundings, including fruit trees planted along the road to the nearby town. Additional trees were planted also on the earth mound that was created as a sound barrier to reduce noise emissions, and finally a fully public rest area to serve local residents.

Support local society

In 2023, VGP started analysing ways how to generate additional social value through each VGP Park, defining opportunities to strenghten the community.

In Germany and Romania, local internship programs are being setup and in Barcelona the local team educated 14 high school children from local communities, in collaboration with the Joves Futur+ of the Barça Foundation and Fundació "La Caixa", about work in logistics and semi-industrial real estate, including a visit to VGP offices and various VGP tenants.


VGP Community Day

The VGP Community Day is an initiative designed to engage a large number of employees in volunteering for a local charity., involving each of the 17 countries where the Group operates.

The Group's community-oriented activities in 2022 continued to focus on supporting the needs of local communities and activities to improve the environment and biodiversity of areas near to VGP Parks.


VGP Foundation

The VGP Foundation strives to encourage nature conservation, have an impact on local communities through social projects, and conserve and protect European cultural heritage. During 2022, 6 additional projects were approved and initiated bringing the total to 36 projects of which 26 are currently in execution and 10 completed, with € 6.6 million in total committed or spent.

Some examples of projects currently under execution include: Finding new networks for the Eastern Imperial Eagle, Katra valley biodiversity project in South Lithuania, restoration of Transcarpathian Peatlands, 'Chorne Bagno', Ukraine, Ukranian Center in Brno, Czech Republic.

In addition, in order to support Ukrainian refugees VGP has made, through the UNHCR, a € 3 million donation to the effort to support refugees in the three neighbouring countries of Ukraine where VGP has a long standing presence (Slovakia, Hungary and Romania).

More about the Foundation

Targets & Performance: Strenghten communities


Performance (31Dec'22)

100% of VGP employees to participate in volunteering for local community day

A total of 24% of Group employees delivered more than 650 volunteering hours in 2022

Support annually social community projects

7 social support projects setup through VGP Foundation, with €760,000 spent to date; 14 local high school students received a VGP logistics masterclass with various tenant visits

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