VGP Green Finance Framework

The VGP Green Finance Framework provides a clear and transparent set of criteria which facilitates investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly projects which are part of VGP’s asset portfolio. The framework thereby makes an important contribution to reducing carbon emissions and facilitating the transition to a low carbon environment. Our Green Financing Framework was independently reviewed and classified as “Medium Green” with a “Good” Governance framework, in-line with the Green Bond and Green Loan principles by CICERO Shades of Green AS.

The framework enabled VGP to successfully issue its first public benchmark Green Bond for an aggregate nominal amount of €600 million in March 2021. In January 2022, the Group issued its second Green Bond (split into two tranches) on the Euro market for an aggregate nominal amount of € 1.0 billion.

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Download VGP’s Green Financing Allocation report (31 Dec 2021)
Download CICERO’s Allocation Review of Green Finance Reporting (28 March 2022)

VGP Corporate Responsibility

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