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Here you will find general and up-to-date financial and investor-related information about our company.

The shares of VGP are listed on Eurolist by Euronext Brussels and on the Main Market of the Prague Stock Exchange. Initial Public Offering was on 7 December 2007. For more information about the detailed trading data of VGP please refer to Euronext Brussels and Prague Stock Exchange.
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In July and December 2013, the VGP Group successfully issued two retail bonds, each of them amounting to 75 million euros and covering a period of 4 respectively 5 years.
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In thousand of €

Investment Properties20142013201220112010
Total Lettable Area (m2) 268,2321 761,724 674,595 641,378 576,936
Occupancy Rate (%) 94.0%2 96.2% 94.5% 98.5% 98.8%
Fair Value of Propery Portfolio 416,089 225,804 101,629 105,565 481,624

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Mr. Marek Sebestak Chairman Independent Director 2011
Mr. Alexander Saverys Independent Director 2011
Rijo Advies BVBA, represented by Mr. Jos Thys Independent Director 2011
Jan Van Geet s.r.o., represented by Mr. Jan Van Geet Executive Director CEO and reference shareholder 2013
VM Invest NV represented by Mr. Bart Van Malderen Non-Executive Director and reference shareholder 2013

Download the Articles of Association (pdf)as of 9 Mai 2014.
Please note that the Articles of Association are only available in Dutch.